My policy platform - TRUE Independence

I would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land of Willoughby, the Gammeraygal people. I pay my respects to their elders past, present and emerging.

"I have been living in and serving amongst the community of Willoughby most of my life. We are increasingly becoming a thoroughfare and car park for commuters, our schools are full of demountables and concrete, our parks are at their limits, our bushland is under pressure and our young people and elderly are feeling increasingly isolated. We need to protect what's precious and plan for a fresh future. That need for a fresh future is repeated in urban and regional centres across NSW. We need a future free from toll road tunnels, overdevelopment and fossil fuels, a future that includes clean waterways, air and parks, a future with strong local businesses a, a sustainable future where everyone has the opportunity to thrive." 

I am your TRUE local candidate. I am the only Independent, not representing a political party in this by-election. This means I can raise issues and concerns for the people of Willoughby directly at a State level, not through a party machine. I am TRULY independent and will directly represent the people of Willoughby.



Transparent planning and government investment decisions.

I will continue to challenge systems that allow for secrecy, particularly around major projects and investment decisions ie the designation of Critical State Infrastructure Projects which allow no right of appeal. I will call for a more timely and complete release of business cases to the public and the Upper House.

A strong and well funded ICAC and Codes of Conduct.

I will support increased funding for ICAC and stronger Codes of Conduct which ensure that the responsibilities of our representatives and the expectations of our community are clear.

Fiscal Responsibility not Political Expediency.

I will ensure decisions are made according to the Fiscal Responsibility Act 2012 following good governance guidelines and not only for political reasons. I will fight for a better share of funding for Willoughby which has been overlooked as a "safe seat".

...Putting the public interest first



For Willoughby's heritage, scale, environment, community and businesses.

I will continue to ask for the protection of our natural, First Nations and built heritage. I will continue to fight inappropriately scaled development which looms over our heritage areas. I will continue to work to protect our precious green spaces and waterways. I will put Willoughby first as a destination not a thoroughfare and support initiatives to ensure small business recovery.


True consultation that results in real change and sustainable, modern outcomes.

I will hold the government to account when it comes to consultation and ensure real change is achieved based on community feedback - starting with the Beaches Link Tunnel and Development in the area.


Engender respect in all that we do from political processes, to the treatment of women, our First Nations peoples, to multicultural Willoughby, to our youth and young adults.

I will model respectful behaviour at all times, I will demand equal and respectful treatment of women, I will continue to work with First Nations elders and councils to learn how we can further respect the traditional owners of the land and it's history, I will work to further connect our multicultural community and hear their voice and I will develop a youth/ young adults consultative group to ensure greater input and work to bring their vision to life. I will tackle housing affordability via the planning system to ensure affordable developments not only high rise luxury apartments.


Respect for teachers, parents, kids, health care professionals, our supply chain and the most vulnerable during COVID-19.

As a risk and compliance professional with a biotechnology background I well understand the considerations that go into planning for a pandemic. I will advocate for greater transparency and consultation in decision making with teachers and supply chain operators to keep our economy open and functioning well. I believe our settings need to be placed to hold us in between a "lock it down" and "let it rip" as both approaches impact our economy and health. We need to slow the spread and spread the peak to help our systems cope so that those who are vulnerable and need care can receive it. I will hold the government to account with regard to their pandemic planning processes and consultation/ communication with businesses and our community. 

 ...Promote our qualities and values

Urban Liveability


More public and active transport.

I will continue to oppose the toll road tunnels, unfiltered stacks, dive sites and dredging. I will put into play my in-depth knowledge in order to see the project re-assessed and viable alternatives considered. I will work tirelessly to ensure we have better access to public transport and efficient, safe active transport links to reduce congestion. The recent changes and privatisation of bus services has resulted in service delays and disjoined routes.Bus routes need to be reinstated.


Appropriately scaled development that integrates with Willoughby's surrounds.

I will support a return of planning powers to local councils. I will advocate for greater compliance with our LEP with fewer height and scale exemptions. I will challenge spot re-zoning and the State Government's quota's for density in light of the fact that our services are not keeping pace. I will work to ensure more appropriately scaled development and set backs which provide for a healthier environment.

Schools, medical care, parks and sports fields that are planned alongside development not in reaction to it.

I will highlight the fact that Willoughby's population is growing above the state average and advocate for a change in the planning system to integrate all aspects of planning up front where major developments are concerned. I will advocate for the government to reserve appropriate space for 2 new schools. I will oppose the development of high rise schools - we can do better. I will oppose the "sell off" of land at the Royal North Shore Hospital currently reserved for medical expansion. I will seek out ways to further support our Mental Health System and fund the gap in services in the area. I will work with youth and young adults to create a positive vision for their future and the amenity and services needed to enable that.

A decentralised view of planning that invests in urban and regional centres.

I will advocate for investment in local business centres and transport including fast rail to enable sustainable commuting and to take advantage of the shift in work patterns.  The ability to work locally will relieve congestion and increasing our quality of life whilst stimulating the economies of local and regional centres.

 ...Create liveable urban centres



Protect our parks (ie Flat Rock Gully, Cammeray Park), wildlife, waterways (ie Middle Harbour/ Lane Cove River) and tree canopy.
I will continue to use my in-depth knowledge of this project, standards and conditions to challenge the loss of green space, protect our waterways and trees. I will call for a re-assessment of the Warringah Freeway Project to create better outcomes, a re-think of the Western Harbour Tunnel considering the enormous risks to the Harbour and cancellation of the Beaches Link tunnel considering the poor Benefit Cost Ratio and environmental impact.
Change the planning system to ensure real environmental protections not green washing.
I will challenge existing planning instruments, standards and practices which do not ensure effective/ sustainable outcomes. I will call for benchmarking in planning not reduced worst case scenarios. I will support the protection of wildlife corridors for endangered species.I will encourage a collaborative approach which provides farmers incentives to protect Koala habitat. I will call for further protections for Sydney Harbour and Middle Harbour.
Innovate,  invest and legislate to create a sustainable economy and ensure true action on climate change
I will seek out and support innovation and the development of a sustainable economy in order to meet our Net Zero Commitments. I will challenge the recent bill passed which will see EV's taxed by 2030. I will continue to tackle the issues of urban pollution and transport emissions - Australia's fastest growing emissions sector.I will support the transition away from Coal and Gas. I will advocate for government support for local manufacturing in the sustainability sector to replace jobs. I will influence to create an understanding that Australia's environmental protection is critical to our future economic prosperity.
 ...Take true action on climate change
A Note Regarding Preferencing
  1. Preferences may well determine the result of the election in Willoughby

  2. The NSW electoral system prescribes 'Optional Preferential' voting. You must vote for at least one candidate OR you can vote for as many candidates as you wish in the order of your choice.

  3. To make your vote really matter you need to number every square, so that your vote does not die but continues on by way of your preferences to the end of the count.

  4. Please vote "1" in the square next to my name PENN, Larissa and then number the other candidates in the order that most closely reflects the reasons that motivated you to vote for me. If you decide to put another candidate first please place Larissa as your No 2 choice.

  5. As a true independent I am not 'directing' your preferences. I want to encourage the community to direct their own preferences based on their understanding of how each candidate intends to look after the community of Willoughby.