My policy platform

"I have been living and serving amongst the community of Willoughby most of my life. We are increasingly becoming a thoroughfare and car park for commuters, our schools are full of demountables and concrete, our parks are at their limits and our young people and elderly are feeling increasingly isolated. We need to protect our village and plan for a fresh future. A future free from tunnels and overdevelopment, a future that includes clean waterways, air and parks, a future with strong local businesses, a future where everyone in Willoughby can thrive."

Our community


  • Stop the Tunnels, Rail not Toll Roads 

  • No more State Significant developments, respect council planning process

  • Reduce Congestion Improve public transport links

  • Support local businesses

  • Expand domestic violence services and support

  • Stronger Migrant and refugee support services

  • Improve local road safety

Our community


  • Stop the Tunnels; no toxic toll roads through our suburbs

  • Ensure space and road safety for our kids

  • Protect and grow local businesses

...Stop new toll tunnels

Our health


  • No digging up of old tip sites in residential areas i.e. Flat Rock


  • Filter existing tunnel stacks & release local air quality data


  • Improve connectedness & mental health

 ...Maintain healthy communities

Our environment


  • Ban single use plastic bags & protect Middle Harbour from tunnel dredging


  • More renewables; no new coal mines; protect our green spaces & bushland


  • Address congestion via sustainable transport links

...Take action on climate change

Our future


  • Stop State Significant Developments overriding local planning rules
  • Restore Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Independence
  • Government transparency, accountability & real consultation in planning
 ...Develop better planning
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A Note regarding Preferencing
  1. Preferences may well determine the result of the election in Willoughby

  2. The NSW electoral system prescribes 'Optional Preferential' voting. You must vote for at least one candidate OR you can vote for as many candidates as you wish in the order of your choice.

  3. To make your vote really matter you need to number every square, so that your vote does not die but continues on by way of your preferences to the end of the count.

  4. Please vote "1" in the square next to my name PENN, Larissa and then number the other candidates in the order that most closely reflects the reasons that motivated you to vote for me. 

  5. As a true independent I am not 'directing' your preferences. I want to encourage the community to direct their own preferences based on their understanding of how each candidate intends to look after the community of Willoughby.