"Experience representing our

I am across all the Candidates standing for the seat of Willoughby and I am endorsing Larissa Penn, who is truly independent and with proven experience representing our community on a range of Local and State issues. Larissa, as President of the Naremburn Progress Association and Committee Member of Willoughby Council’s Bicentennial Reserve and Flat Rock Gully Committee is highly respected across the Willoughby Electorate and is dedicated to advocating and drawing attention to issues that require improvement or are ill conceived e.g.proposed Beaches Link Tunnel.


Larissa  demonstrate selfless commitment and bring groups together to respond to our issues of concern, which is a testament to Larissa’s leadership abilities. Vote for Larissa Penn on February 12, 2022.


Councillor Denis Fernandez

Willoughby City Council Sailors Bay Ward (2017 -2021) 

"It's time for a change"

I'm really excited to have Independent Larissa Penn stand in the electorate of Willoughby which takes in my local area of Cammeray. It's well and truly time we had a candidate who puts Willoughby first and who listens to her local community.


For too long we've suffered the disastrous policies of Gladys and her government: from the Terrible Two Tunnels she is imposing on our beautiful Cammeray & Naremburn to the unfiltered stacks that no other developed country in the world is installing on long urban road tunnels to the gross overdevelopment madness that we have to endure in Crows Nest and St Leonards.


I have heard Larissa speak several times and know her from her work with Stop The Tunnels. I've been impressed with her down-to-earth manner, her well-researched, well-informed knowledge, her thorough explanations and reasoned approach to the development of solutions.

It's Time for a Change 

I support and will be voting 


Sheridan Rogers



"End this infrastructure madness"

Living in Northbridge for the past 15 years, I am horrified by the transport infrastructure proposals by the Liberal government which are strongly supported by our Willoughby representative, Premier Gladys Berejiklian. 


The plans for the Northern Beaches tunnel, as currently set out, represent a serious threat to public health, safety and welfare - digging through toxic waste adjacent to homes, sports grounds and public amenities; wiping out precious bushland and heritage sites; loading local roads with heavy construction traffic; and locating unfiltered stacks near schools and homes.


As a community, I feel we have been sold down the river by our elected representative, Gladys Berejiklian. As a parent, I fear for the safety of my own children, as well as our neighbours, families and friends living in Northbridge, Cammeray, Naremburn, Artarmon and Willoughby.


I will be voting for local Mum and community advocate, Independent candidate, Larissa Penn in the forthcoming election. For the sake of our community, particularly the more vulnerable amongst us, I urge others to make Larissa their first choice and try to end this infrastructure madness!


Anne Casey



"An honest, truthful, down-to-earth local"

Larissa Penn is worthy of your precious vote on Saturday 12th. - at least that is my considered opinion. This is your chance at last, to have your say about the future, and to register where you want our community to be heading - what you want done for our local area, and more importantly, what you passionately want not to happen to our community. This candidate is not a commercial banker by profession like Gladys was, or someone who has to deal secretly with the machinations of a large political party like Tim.


She's an honest, truthful, down-to-earth local and concerned citizen who might be able to do something to stop over-development in our area and inject some common sense in the crazy, privatized tunnelling to fill the pockets of overseas investors. Someone has to be able to stop and listen to reason. I am delighted to give Larissa my endorcement - I do so without the least hesitation and invite you to give her your support in the up-coming state election. Larissa for Willoughby.”



Dr Chris Geraghty

Crows Nest