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As a true independent, Larissa's campaign is not funded by a polical party but instead relies on donations from the community. It is only with your support that we can fund the materials to let the community know that there is an alternative. Your donation is very much needed to support Larissa to have a real chance to make a change and represent the electorate of Willoughby.
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  • For all donations, please include your full name as a reference on bank transfers.

  • For donations $1000 and above, email us with your address and email, as by law we must provide you with a receipt.

  • Please note individual donors need to be on the electoral roll to make a political donation.

Where aggregated contributions exceed $1,000 in any one financial year, these must be disclosed by the donor to the NSW Electoral Commission, as required by the Electoral Funding Act 2018.

Donations in NSW are capped at $3,100. Donations $1000 and above must be issued with a receipt - if you intend to donate this thank you! Please email us at so that we can arrange a receipt for you. 
To meet regulatory requirements, the individual must be on the Electoral Roll and the individual/organisation not be a ‘Prohibited Donor’, e.g a property developer, tobacco industry business entity, a liquor or gambling industry business entity or associate (see:

The regulations pertaining to making donations can be found here