Donations needed for another print run urgently!

So far we have raised money for our corflutes, first flyer drop, website and launch event and now we need $ for our how to vote cards and Election Day. 

Every dollar goes directly towards the campaign and helps to level the playing field! You can also help by volunteering your time or sharing this page with your friends.

Donations from individuals are tax deductible up to a value of $1500 in most circumstances. Please check with your tax professional and here. We will issue you with a tax receipt regardless of the value so that you can follow up.

Donation Rules

Please note there are rules pertaining to donations in NSW. You must be registered on the electoral role to vote and not be a prohibited donor. We will ask you for your details to check to the best of our ability that the rules are being followed but you are responsible for ensuring you comply with the electoral rules before donating.

The maximum allowable donation is $3300 in any one financial year and donations that add up to $1000 or more in a financial year are reportable and require a disclosure to the electoral commission from the donor and candidate. We will issue you with an electoral commission receipt for this purpose. Disclosures must be lodged with the NSW Electoral Commission within six weeks of the end of the annual disclosure period. For more informations on disclosures go here 

Examples of prohibited donors

A prohibited donor is; a property developer, a tobacco industry business entity, a liquor or gambling industry business entity, any industry representative organisation if the majority of its members are such prohibited donors or a close associate of a prohibited donor.

We do not accept donations from fossil fuel or toll road companies (individual donors private information is not available to us unless declared so we cannot guarantee that individual donors are not associated but we reserve the right not to accept donations on this basis).

Please see more information on political donations here


$28,870.00 raised so far. Help us get to $38,000.00